Testing HDR shaders

redline-racing-pagani-zonda-R redline-racing-diablo-sv

Testing some new HDR shaders.

Redline Racing is Back

redline racing build 08 redline racing F430

After a long period of doubt about the future of Redline Racing, i finally decided to continue the project :)

The concept will stay the same as before, free and multiplatform.

City Creation Process


We are still working on a simple city creation process. When creating a 3D city, the best approach is to create a tile system. It can be square tiles or hexagonal tiles. The key is to make a lot of reusable pieces and assets to make the creation process easier.

We made good progress but still need a lot of work.
More screenshots to come.

City Racetrack

city-assets-creation_1 city-assets-creation_2 city-assets-creation_3

We are currently making a series of buildings in order to create a city racetrack. It take a while to build all these city assets but its a lot of fun to create.

Unity Update


The upcoming Build 08 will be running with the latest version of Unity. It is a big change and many new features are available with this new version. Realtime shadows is one of them, it help the car to immerse more in the environment.

I am also working on a new Racetrack right now, i can't reveal more right now but you can find some hints on the pictures above. :)

All i can say is that it will be city based racetrack.
More infos very soon.

Build 07 is done, whats next ?


We released Build 7 a week ago, and are now in the process of adding more challenges to the game. The addition of lap times was a step in the right direction, and said challenges will mainly build on this. More info to come..

Preparing Build 07


We are currently working on Build 07 of Redline Racing.
This version will basically correct the lacks of the previous version, adjust the tire model, add more cars and options, as well as some surprises we can't reveal now..
Support us and register now!

Build 06 is finally ready!

redline-racing-f430 redline-racing-f430

We finally made it!
It took us a lot of effort to make it but its finally here...
The driving model is still very young but it already show some potential.

Build 06 WIP

redline-racing-megane-3-coupe redline-racing-audi-r8

Some new wip screenshots of the incoming Build 06...