Nissan skyline gtr 34

It's safe to say that the name "Skyline" is one of the most respected names in the car industry. Starting its life in the late 1950's under the Prince marque, as a japanese take on the Chevrolet Bel-Air, it has evolved into nothing less than 13 different generations. The most famous of these are very likely the 10th generation. When the R34 was released to the japanese market in 1999, there was no doubt that this was to be the ultimate Nissan. And that's not far from the truth. The inline-6 RB26DETT made famous by the R32 produced around 280 horsepower for one reason only: anything above that would make it illegal in Japan. As with the R32 and R33 models, the R34 was born to be a race car. It participated in the Japanese GT Championship from 1999 to 2003, winning the GT500 championship twice, as well as several race wins. It has also on several occasions beaten Porsche-made lap times around the Nordschleife. But in the end, it would not become famous for it's success in motorsport, but rather it's appearances in movies, magazines and video games across the globe, that helped spread the legend of not just the Skyline, but the red "R". With the end of the R34, the names Skyline and GT-R parted ways, and as of such, this to many remains the last true Skyline.

Wrote by Morten Pedersen

Nissan skyline gtr 34 Nissan skyline gtr 34 Nissan skyline gtr 34