Progress before Redline Racing Mobile release


Key Features

Realistic physics

We will try to bring Redline Racing on the simulation side as much as possible, and getting realistic physics is a must for us. The tire model is improving within each updates of the game.

Low end

Being able to play the game wherever you want on the computer you want is very important for us. But low end game doesn't mean that the game have to look like crap.
Expect high detailed cars surrounded by gorgeous environment!

Old school

We grew up with the Gran Turismo series as a reference, that mean that we will try to give to Redline Racing the same old school spirit while adding modern and high-tech features.

Pay us a beer

As you may know we are only 2 guys working hard on this with our free time. Why not make a donation to help us improve smoother development ?
Any help would be great!☆

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